Partners in Development, Inc.

Preparing Youth for Work and Life!

We help prepare youth for work and Life!

We believe in the special talents and abilities of our youth regardless of their current economic or social circumstance. We strive to help youth discover their purpose and empower them with skills, determination and hope to craft productive lives.  We offer the following programs:

Educational Workshops ~ Healthy Me   

In this high energy summer workshop, we are committed to providing lessons that inspire youth 10 - 17 years old, to believe that their dreams are achievable. We help youth focus on discovering their talents and interests, and help them develop successful life skills; to be cognizant of potential personal, cultural and societal threats such HIV/AIDS, destructive cultural customs and how to stay safe and healthy.

Lessons/Activities include:

       Health Education

  • HIV/STI prevention
  • Hygiene
  • First Aid
  • Disease prevention
  • Nutrition
  • Physical fitness                                                    

       Life Skills

  • Communication - interpersonal communication between boys and girls; public speaking
  • Goal setting and achievement - setting personal, achievable goals
  • Character Building - developing positive morals, values, ethics and a strong work ethic                                                                
  • Developing strong study skills                                                                                                                                
  • Etiquette - growing up with poise, good manners, respect and empathy
  • Information Technology - safe, effective and ethical use of computers and the internet


Generating enterprising ideas, introduction to business plan development, marketing.

 Developing an ntrepreneurial mind-set:         

  •              Decision-making
  •              Calculated risk-taking
  •              Financial literacy
  •              Teamwork
  •              Strategic planning
  •              Leadership
  •              Time-management
  •              Communication
  •              Accountability
  •              Problem-solving
  •              Creativity
  •              Opportunity finding
  •              Job preparedness

Arts & Craft - using readily available materials to create arts and crafts for personal and micro businesses.


 Academic Learning Center

The Healthy Me Learning Center will provide tutoring and supplemental education services to students from primary school  to GCE O’level status.  Our caring and knowledgeable tutors will develop individualized learning plans that build study skills, study habits and attitudes students need to succeed in school and in life.   We offer instruction using cutting edge technology such as computers, interactive DVDS in math, reading, biology, chemistry, writing, study skills, homework help, and test preparation.

Using state of the art technology, our instructional method is hands-on, interactive and experiential - engaging the energy, enthusiasm and creativity of young minds.

Field Trips – youth have the opportunity serve in elder homes, orphanages; learn by visiting businesses, universities or parks for recreation.

Mentoring – we match students with adult professionals for added support, encouragement with their life and professional goals. (Coming soon)

Socialization we engage other units of socialization such as family, peers, church, community to support and reward the positive strides youth make.


  • Counseling  Our staff is available to youth in-person or by email or text for support, encouragement and referral. 
  • Prayers  Youth remain in the prayers of staff, mentors and PID partners for positive social, spiritual and economic development.
  • Consulting  Our instructors have a wealth of experience and expertise in working with youth and are available for consultation and training with other community organizations. 

 Invest in the positive development of our youth!













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