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Partners in Development, Inc. was founded in 2000 by Harriet "Anike" Nokuri as an all-volunteer grassroots organization to educate youth about the threat of HIV/AIDS on their promising future and to empower them through health, life skill education, and economic empowerment programs. Today, over 90% of youth are knowledgeable about AIDS, however the underlying factors that fuel infection rates remain:  poverty, sugardaddyism, early, unprotected sex among youth. PID is reorganized to focus on its core mission and add value to its programs by helping youth develop skills to address the underlying social and personal threats to well-being and prosperity.  Our goal is to see youth move beyond the struggle to survive, to achieving their full potential.  PID's key partner is Faith International Rescue Ministries (FIRM) who manage and implement the programs on the ground in Limbe.  

In conjunction with its partners, PID has  rolled out a new sustainable model for it's programs. Our goals are as follows:

  • Develop a business model that will guide the operations of the project for greater sustainability and impact.
  • Strengthen our partnerships and business enterprises in greater support our staff and programs.
  • Maintain high standards of excellence in all aspects of operations and management.

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